Gift for the Loved ones

​Why a Gentleboard is the perfect gift

​5+1 good reasons

​1. Boot shaper maintenance
A GentleBoard ensures that expensive or delicate boots retain their shape, do not buckle or collapse, while venting well.

2. Space saving boot organization
GentleBoards allow efficient use of limited closet storage space to neatly organize tall boots.

3. Ease of use
The presence of a GentleBoard makes putting on boots much easier, as they are more accessible and do not need to be retrieved from boxes or drawers.

4. Stylish presentation
GentleBoards allow for stylish presentation of boots, both inside and outside the closet, increasing visual appeal and aesthetics.

5. More overview when combining fashion
With a GentleBoard, you keep a better overview of the boot options available, making fashion combining easier and more efficient.

... and the personalized GentleBoard
A personal dedication is added by means of engraving, making the GentleBoards a special and individual gift.

​Each GentleBoard
is manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

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