The art of presentation

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​Our exclusive BootsÉtage stands are a must-have for classy boutiques looking for the best in boot display.

These boot stands are made of solid and highly polished brass that exudes the luxury their boots deserve.

With a rolling base, they are extremely flexible and allow for effortless display of under and over-the-knee boots in your displays and showrooms.

With the BootsEtáge combined with two GentleBoards each, your boots are instantly presentable in an elegant way. Go for exclusivity, style and practicality with our BootsEtáge for the perfect staging of your high-end boot collection.

​Fine woods

​We can draw on a variety of fine woods to perfectly match the materials in their boutique with our system.

BootsÈtage measurements

​Sophisticated system

​With our smartly coordinated system of GentleBoards and BootsÉtage stands, all types of boots can be stylishly staged.


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