Standing Ovation

Standing ovation

​Noble and limited

​Our first limited edition GentleBoard is a true masterpiece, made from the rare wood species Zebrano and Padouk.

These fine woods come from a limited collection introduced in Germany over ten years ago, which is why this edition is only available in limited quantities. Each solid board has been air-dried and carefully hand-selected for its unique wood grain.

GentleBoard by BALVEUX

​To achieve the least possible waste of this precious wood, the templates are precisely positioned and the pieces are sawed out and milled with the utmost care.

Subsequently, the natural beauty of the wood grain is accentuated through elaborate hand finishing. A specially developed high-gloss lacquer seals the wood surface and conjures up magical reflections of light from these luxurious woods.

The GentleBoard's gently rounded shapes, integrated finger hole and soft inner and outer radii create a fascinating contrast with the solid gold hook. This hook, with its precisely milled facets and polished edges, emphasizes the value and material quality of the brass.

This limited edition GentleBoard embodies luxury, craftsmanship and design in perfection. Secure a piece of timeless elegance and functionality for the stylish storage of your boot collection.

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