​The story of BalveuX

The spririt of inspiration

​A simply
ingenious ’’invention‘‘

​The birth of GentleBoard was inspired about ten years ago by the challenge of freeing boots from their hidden existence in boxes and drawers.

Surprisingly, there was no adequate approach in the world to present boots elegantly and store them gently at the same time.

The GentleBoard's balanced shape was inspired by the female silhouette, much like the coat hanger was influenced by the human shoulder.

Providing boots with a worthy display platform, the GentleBoard is undoubtedly an innovation that enriches the fashion world and allows ladies to store and display their boot collection in all its glory.

From this, the brand BALVEUX was created and from now on it will fire the imagination of its users.

​150 years after
the invention
of the clothes hanger


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