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Hooked on Boots

​Revolution in the closet

​In the world of fashion, under- and over-the-knee boots have been an icon at least since Brigitte Bardot and are undoubtedly among the timeless must-haves. Nowadays, they are experiencing a renewed heyday and it's hard to imagine fashion-conscious people's closets without them.

The GentleBoard can fulfill the need for proper presentation and storage. The value of exquisite boots is preserved and showcased, whether they are in a private closet with transparent glass doors, in luxurious boutiques or at stylish exhibitions.

Because boots are not just shoes - they are an expression of style and personality. The GentleBoard was developed to do justice to this significance.

With the GentleBoard you can perfectly present and store your boots so that they can unfold all their beauty and elegance.

​Never again will you store boots differently.


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